Why is Pear Wine Good for Your Health?

Pear wine is one of the most popular fruit wines, which are mainly manufactured by home wineries and some wine companies. Unlike most wines made from grape, fruits wines are produced from a variety of base ingredients taken from fruits, herbs, and flowers among others. The term is in some cases broadened to include any fermented alcoholic beverage derived from fruits except beer. Perry, Cider, and Mead are also excluded from this definition because of historical reasons. These wines with subtle fruit aromas and tastes are a common winery product in different parts of the world.

The benefits of wine have been well-documented. However, most of them relate to common red wine made from grapes and other forms of wine made from grapes. But what are the benefits of consuming fruit wine made from pear? Read on to get a glimpse of why pear wine may be beneficial to your health.

Wine prevents the formation of cancerous cells

Wine made from pears has polyphenols and these anti-oxidants protect against cancer by neutralizing damaging free radicals. The harmful free radicals often stress body cells and lead to the development of cancerous cells. Natural pear fruit wine without additives or chemicals contains a wide array of polyphenols, which include:

  • Ellagic acid – helps in blood sugar regulation
  • Procyanidins – a strong antioxidant
  • Resveratol – reduces tissue inflammation

Wine prevents heart disease

The antioxidants in wine reduce inflammation in heart muscles while also helping in the control of cholesterol. The antioxidants also help in protecting your arteries against damage while also increasing the good cholesterol alternatively known as high-density lipoprotein (HDL). All these beneficial effects of antioxidants in pear wine are important in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Pear wine improves your gut’s micro-biome

Natural pear wine is a living product, which has important bacterial components and compounds. These bacteria add more living organisms to your micro-biome, and the compounds create an ideal environment for other living organisms to survive in your gut. Note that these micro-organisms are important in aiding digestion and protecting your gut against diseases. The natural unfiltered pear wine has probiotic bacteria that prevents inflammation within your gut and protects your gut from harmful pathogens. The benefits of this wine are akin to those acquired from the consumption of fermented foods such as yogurt, Kimchee, and sauerkraut.

Pear wine is made without artificial additives

Best natural wines such as pear wine have little to no sugar and no artificial additives. The national Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves the use of approximately 76 additives in winemaking. Some of the used additives aren’t good for your health if you get predisposed to them for long. Unlike conventional wine brands, pear wine has no additives and it’s thus healthier for your body.

Pear wine has a low alcohol percentage

Unlike beer, some red wines, or alcoholic spirits, pear wine has a very low percentage of alcohol. As such, taking pear wine doesn’t predispose you to the dangerous effects of strong alcoholic drinks. Long-term consumption of alcohol may lead to memory loss and dementia later on in life. In addition, you also get to protect your liver against alcohol-based damage that leads to liver cirrhosis. In essence, pear wine may lower the mortality rate among alcohol consumers. In fact, one 2007 study in Finland revealed that wine drinkers had a 34% lower mortality rate when compared to spirit drinkers.

Pear wine may increase bone density

A 2002 research report documented in the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed that women that took a few grams of wine on a daily basis had marked improvements in bone mineral density. It is thus possible that pear wine may be helpful to patients with osteoporosis.

You can drink your way to a healthy future by taking pear wine brands. Interestingly, by 2017 an estimated 5% of people in the U.S stated that they’re daily drinkers of wine. But it is prudent to note that all drinking of any alcoholic content should be done in moderation. Too much alcohol consumption has serious negative impacts upon your health, especially; if you choose to make cocktails, which will contain other strong alcoholic drinks.

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