2 Things You Must Know About Your Wine

Nothing beats the feeling that comes with a candlelit dinner, good food, the best wine, and some live music. You may have heard of the saying that goes, “a little wine is good for your stomach.” Well, so many things can be said about wine and luckily most of those things glorify this fine drink.

The most important ingredient in winemaking is the grapes. This little fruit in its natural form comes in several colors which are green, crimson, pink, dark blue, black, yellow, and green. Also, this elegant drink is usually available in two distinct colors, namely red and white.

A survey conducted by USA Today indicated that millennials consumed 159.6 million cases of wine in 2015 alone, which was equivalent to 42% of the wine consumed across the country. This is an indication that today, a significant proportion of Americans are spending a lot of money on wine. This data is supported by the fact that the current young generation is dining out more than the previous ones.

As a wine drinker, you would be interested to know what the process of coming up with the best natural wines entails. You should also know about some of the good wine-drinking habits. After all, this fine drink is mostly associated with cultured people like yourself.

The fruit’s journey to that fine drink

It all starts with picking the very best and high-quality fruits. Once the fruits arrive at the production line, the science of winemaking begins. It is, however, important to note that no two winemaking processes end up with the same result.

There are hundreds of winemaking styles, and it all depends on factors such as the experience of the winemaker and the chemical process involved. Take the Southern Oregon Wineries as an example. Their production process cannot be identical to that of wineries in different parts of the world.

While you are enjoying your sip and listening to live music playing on the background, it is important to note that a good wine underwent quite a long production process before ending up in that glass. It’s all about growing the best berries or fruits, picking at the right time, and seriously considering the acid content of the fruits.

Once in the winery and after the extraction through the perfect chemical processes, your wine can now be placed inside storage cellars. Whether it is pear wine or the red wine, the conditions of the cellars will determine the quality of the end product.

Good wine habits

Referred to by many as the drink of elegance, good wine habits involve much more than simply choosing the best wine brand and drinking responsibly. So, what are some of these habits?

Handling the bottle

Believe it or not, this is one of the most important wine tactics that is a must learn. It involves knowing how to handle the bottle the right way and how to pour wine without dripping.

Choosing the right glass

Several wine glasses are designed to make you enjoy wine on various occasions. It may be during a gala event, at a wedding, dinner, or even while listening to live music.

Choosing drinking companions

It is essential to choose the best drinking companion to enjoy that drink and that occasion. Wine can be enjoyed with your significant other, friends, and even family.

Take your time

Unless you are in some drinking competition, you should take your time between sips. Talk to your drinking companion, laugh a little, discuss, and relax.

Choose the best accompaniments

The right accompaniments mean a lot when enjoying your wine and different occasions demand different additions. Some of the snacks that you could consume along with your wine can include everything from pizza, hot dogs and popcorn to expensive cheeses, steak dinners, and even luxurious desserts.

The world of wine is complex and to fully understand and appreciate it, you must acquaint yourself with the whole process from the vineyard of your favorite bottle — give RoxyAnn Winery a call today.

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