Everything You Need to Know About Wine and Wedding Venues

Recent statistics indicate that, in 2016, more than 949 gallons of wine were consumed in the United States. This is a clear indication that, whatever alcohol services you are planning to provide at your wedding, you must have wine and have it in abundance. Wine, for a more extended period, has remained as an integral alcoholic drink in wedding venues and communal celebrations. We’re here to help you figure what kind of wines you need for your summer wedding.

How much wine should you get?

Running out of wine in your wedding venues could be catastrophic, so make sure that you have enough to serve people around. As you have seen above, a considerable number of people in the United States are wine lovers, which means that you need to stock enough. The general rule of the thumb allows you to provide at least one glass of wine for each person. However, there are those people who will drink throughout the night so it would be necessary to contact local wineries for emergency supplies.

Popular Types of Wine

Obviously, you would want to have prior knowledge of the popular types of wines so that you can stock the best wine in your wedding venues. White, rose, and red wines are the three main types of wines that you will come across. In each category, there are several win brands that differ in body finish and flavor.

We suggest that you stock a particular brand of white wines and red wines to enhance uniformity in your wedding. Nevertheless, it is important to stock sparkling wine, certified organic wines, and champagne to keep your wedding rocking.

Bottles vs. Box Wines

Many people have a perception that box wine is cheap and of low quality but in reality, box wine ranks among the best wine option that you can stock for your wedding venues. Box wine is recommended to those who are operating on a budget. To eliminate the negative perception about box wine, you can have your guests served with glasses or use pre-poured carafes.

Wineries in Oregon also stock bottles of wine, which is considered by many as the traditional option to wine consumers. You can have waiters with both white and red wine bottles walking around and pouring wine on glasses on request.

Seasonal Wine

You have a summer wedding, right? In summer conditions, you don’t serve something too heavy, especially if you have an outdoor wedding. Daytime weddings have been known to pair well with white wines while red wines can be used in fall and winter. Assume you’re a guest in one of your friend’s wedding and contemplate on what you would like to drink. Serve that to your guests.

When to serve wine

Between the ceremony and the reception, you will pose for photographs and enjoy the few hours of the remaining sun. At this time, your guests are signing a guest book. Make sure you serve wine at this time, especially when it is still warm. Let your guests enjoy wine and cocktail as they mingle around. Make sure to serve light wines to avoid making people intoxicated and full even before dinner is served.

Wineries and Wedding Venues

Winery weddings are becoming more popular in the United States because they do make gorgeous wedding venues. Due to the popularity of vineyard weddings, wine companies are offering fantastic wedding packages. However, you have to remain loyal by not purchasing wine from other local wineries. You can make your wedding one to remember by stocking local wines and paying extra to allow your guests to enjoy your wedding.

Where to buy wine in Oregon

RoxyAnn Winery is your ultimate wine supplier in Oregon and will prove to be a practical choice, mainly if you are serving a large group. You want your wedding venues to have a variety of wine options to fit the tastes and preferences of each person in attendance. You will always get a great mix of wines at the price you are looking for.

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