4 Fun and Fascinating Facts About Pinot Noir to Share Around the Table

Wine lovers everywhere know what they love to drink. They know about the mouthfeel, the subtle undertones of flavor, how tannins impact the texture, and even how different blends can change the way a grape tastes. But that’s not everything you need to know about your favorite wine. Believe it or not, there’s more to pinot noir than fantastic flavor. Here are a few fun and surprising facts about these wonderful red wines that you can use to wow your friends and family at the dinner table.



  1. Pinot Noir Grapes Are Among the Oldest In the World

    Grapes and wine have been around for thousands of years, but pinot noir is among one of the oldest varieties of grapes out there. It’s about 1000 years older than cabernet sauvignon. This grape was known in France when the Roman empire was at its height! When you take a sip, you’re enjoying thousands of years of careful cultivation and tradition.

  2. There Are More Than 40 Known Varieties

    Even within certain families of grapes, there are different varieties grown. With pinot, there are more than 40 known varieties in production and each variety has a different taste. However, that doesn’t mean each one is worth turning into a quality wine. In fact, some are best left for the birds. Others can be used to make delicious white wines that leave you wanting more. But don’t worry. Your winemaker knows which varieties are worth bottling and will only grow the ones they know will be pleasing to the palette.

  3. Pinot Is Hard to Grow

    Though the number of wineries in the United States has increased, not everyone grows pinot. Why? Because it’s incredibly difficult to grow. Even minor weather changes can alter the taste of the grapes and change the overall success of the vine. Thin skin and sensitivities to light and fungus make keeping the grapes in good shape difficult.

  4. Pinot Is a Wine for Wine Lovers

    Pinot has a unique and rich taste that rivals all other varieties. But that doesn’t mean it’s not approachable. If you like red wines, it’s worth trying!.If you’re a fan of white wines, a pinot grigio or pinot blanc might better suit your taste buds. Though they’re white, these wines are made from one of the many varieties of pinot noir grapes Are you interested in trying pinot noir for yourself? Stop by one of the best wineries in Ashland and find your new favorite vintage

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