3 Signs You’ve Found a Great Wine

Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in America. Whether it’s at a party, a nice dinner, or just after a long day at work, most people enjoy drinking wine. In fact, 5% of people in the U.S. said they drink wine every single day as of February 2017. But if you’re new to wine, or just don’t know that much about it, you may find it difficult to choose a good wine. So let’s take a look at a few factors that you can consider to know if you’ve found a good wine.

It smells good: One of the first things you should do when trying to find a good wine is to start by using your nose. While this isn’t always possible to do in the liquor store, if you head to some local wineries you’ll be able to smell various wine selections. So take a whiff and ask yourself what you smell. If you smell a variety of scents and enjoy them together, chances are, you’ll like the wine.

The flavors mix well: Just like with scents, there are various flavors packed into a bottle of wine. Wine companies mix different flavors to make one great flavor. But no flavor should stick out too much from the others. If you put the wine in your mouth and swirl it around a bit, you should be able to detect the different flavors. If the flavors seem off or don’t really go well together, then maybe try a different wine. It can also be helpful to try different wines of the same wine brands that you enjoy. For the best options for wine tasting, consider checking out the Internet’s recommendations for “wineries near me“.

It’s balanced: A great wine is not only balanced when it comes to its flavors but with the other components as well. Wines consist of components like acidity and sweetness, and it’s important that these components are balanced. When you take a sip of wine, it shouldn’t be too sweet it hurts to drink — and the same goes for acidity. By trial and error, you can find a good wine that doesn’t have any elements that override the others.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a great wine by keeping these tips in mind. And if you’re wondering “where can I find good wineries near me?”, consider visiting RoxyAnn Winery for some fun and flavorful wine tastings.

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