Randy Gold | Vineyard Management

RoxyAnn’s 75 acre estate vineyards are meticulously managed and cared for by a cohesive team of highly acclaimed experts who bring years of vineyard and high-end winemaking knowledge and experience to RoxyAnn. Previous Winemaker, John Quinones, partnered with owner, Jack Day to make the decision to team up with Martin Mochizuki of Napa and Randy Gold of Pacific Crest Vineyard Management in Rogue Valley to ultimately ensure that no detail of care in the vineyards is overlooked.

Randy Gold is owner and operator of Pacific Crest Vineyard Services and has been deeply involved in the Rogue Valley wine industry since 1980. Randy’s services are highly sought after in the Rogue Valley and he continuously works with the understanding that his team’s aim is not merely to grow great grapes, but instead they are working to grow great wine- a philosophy that aligns perfectly with RoxyAnn’s own winemaking process.

“Randy is a great intuitive farmer; he can simply stand with the vines and intuitively know what they need. That is a rare gift combined with skill that comes from years of meticulous hands-on experience and continued learning.” –John Quinones, RoxyAnn Winemaker