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The Twelve Days of Christmas Holiday Promotion

Mark your calendar for The 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Promotion.  Every day from 12/12 to 12/23, we will post a special offer online as well as send an email reminder.  Be sure to like our Facebook page and sign up for the email list.

Visit the tasting room to claim the current day’s holiday promotion.  Live out of the area?  Call us at (541) 776-2315 then press 1 for more information.

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DAY ONE • $40 to $60
Buy a wreath or swag with your choice of two bottles of RoxyAnn wine and receive 25% off of your purchase.

Featured Artist — Abstraction in Stone —December 2018

Vera Melnyk is our featured artist this month. Stop by the tasting room to meet Verna on Sunday, December 9th from 2 to 5 pm with complimentary appetizers. Enjoy LIVE music from 3 pm to 5 pm featuring Nick Garrett-Powell & Shae Celine performing a special holiday program, old favorites, and new songs!


I came upon mosaic work serendipitously. Several years ago I began with mosaic tables and vases for my yard. As I began to experiment with materials and techniques, my mosaics began to evolve. I started producing fine art mosaics in 2014. Early motifs included leaves, flowers, the sun, and moon, plus other shapes that I saw in nature. With time, making mosaics became more about the materials and less about the subject matter. They became more organic and abstract, which I think suited the materials well. Now when I create a mosaic, I spend more time thinking about the texture and color of the materials as well as their juxtaposition than the final design. It is very difficult work at times, requiring precision and dexterity. It can be tough on the hands. The materials have many shapes and textures. They include stone, minerals, glass, and marble. The materials come from all over the world. The Smalti comes from Italy. Some stones come from as far away as Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The rocks are gathered from all over the world including the US as well as Italy, Peru and other parts of Central and South America. When designing a composition I rely on the feel of the stone in addition to its appearance. The process is very organic and many of my designs are not planned in advance. I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Vera Melnyk

Winemaker’s Corner

Greetings and Felicitations Roxykins!! Time for another edition of ‘The Winemakers Corner’. Yes, Yes, I KNOW you have ALL been holding your breath wondering when this highly informative and entertaining article would rear its head again. Well, wonder no more…’s here!!!

I am writing this because, as of now, we are done with the 2018 RoxyAnn harvest!! Yea! We have a small amount of fruit to bring in yet for a client. But the pressure is off and we beat the rain!! Early tasting and aromas of the fermenting tanks seem to indicate another QUALITY harvest. We haven’t seen any evidence of smoke taint so far…we will know more in Feb or Mar. But we are keeping our fingers crossed!!

So NOW all we have to do is finish the primary fermentations (terminal pump overs!), inoculate for Malolactic fermentation, press off the fermenting tanks (aka the shovel out), then barrel down the delicious wines we have so lovingly created! New this year (by popular demand) will be a Spring return of the Rose’.

After we get the 2018 wines into barrel we will be working on some hand bottling of the Sherry (or whatever we call it!!), and the (also to be re-named) Yumbrusco. So, look for something new and exciting to be in the Tasting Room for your Holiday pleasure!

Caffeine levels dropping quickly…I’m out!

From the Bunker, KB

Southern Oregon Best of the Best 2018

Thanks to everyone who voted for us.  We were awarded “Best Southern Oregon Winery” by Rosebud Multimedia/Mail Tribune!

Winners! Oregon Wine Experience 2018 Medal Celebration

We would like to thank the Oregon Wine Experience for awarding RoxyAnn Winery the following medals for our wine; 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon – Double Gold, 2014 Claret – Silver, 2014 Merlot – Silver.

Click here to visit The Oregon Wine Experience online

RoxyAnn Winery Voted Favorite Vineyard/Winery

Best of Medford 2018. Favorite Vineyard/Winery again! Thank you to all that voted. Congratulations to our co-winner 2-Hawk Winery.

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Southern Oregon — WineEnthusiast’s Top 10 Travel Destinations

We all know the story of Oregon wine no longer begins and ends with Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. Southern Oregon has been hailed by WineEnthusiast as one of “The 10 Best Travel Destinations” in the world!

Not listed in the article are three of my favorite Southern Oregon wine events; The Annual JPR Wine Tasting Event & Auction, A Taste of Ashland, and The Oregon Wine Experience.

By the way, if you are wondering who is toasting a glass of bubbles in the “Where to Dine” section, it is our very own Steven Addington. It was an incredible evening of amazing food and wine spent with Eric & Julie Weisinger and friends at The Loft in downtown Ashland.

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The Cottage at Hillcrest Orchard

This historic little cottage boasts an incredible location for wine tasting and gorgeous views. Located on the grounds of the 250 acre Hillcrest Orchard Estate and RoxyAnn Winery, The Cottage will not disappoint for your next getaway!
Enjoy a complimentary wine tasting or glass of wine at the RoxyAnn Tasting Room.

“This place is a rare find for all the right reasons! Easily one of the coolest Airbnbs that I’ve stayed at. I arrived on a Friday night just in time for the live band and food truck by the tasting room. Barbara provided all the information and made sure everything was taken care of during my short stay. Make sure you get there early to taste some wine (the Malbec was my favorite). The staff is super friendly and the room is filled with witty wine quotes. Will definitely stay here again next time! PS. do NOT leave this place without getting a few bottles of wine =).”

“Terry and Barbara’s cottage was great! We went after harvest and the grounds are still beautiful. The staff in the tasting room was super friendly and even helped explain some of the wines to novice drinkers. We will definitely book this place again for our next journey through the area. Tastefully remodeled and comfortable all around!”

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Southern Oregon Wines Love to Fly FREE!

The Oregon Wines Fly Free program allows Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members to check one case of wine at no cost on their return flight departing from one of four Oregon airports, as well as Walla Walla, Washington. As a bonus, inbound visitors can receive complimentary tastings at any participating winery by showing their Alaska Airlines boarding passes within a week of arrival.

Membership in Alaska Airlines’ award-winning Mileage Plan is free.

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