Looking for Some of the Best Wine Oregon Has to Offer?

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All wine lovers know how much work goes into making good wine. And that’s just what we do here at RoxyAnn Winery. We understand that great wines begin at the vine. Because of this, we take a specialized approach to caring for our vineyard. Our viticulture practices achieve our desired flavor profiles to create the wine Oregon residents will be happy to drink.

About Our Wine Club

If you love our wine, which we know you will, you may want to consider joining our Wine Club! The RoxyAnn Wine Club has two types of memberships: Quarterly and Semi-Annual. With the Quarterly Membership, you’ll get four shipments each year of between four bottles of wine at a 10% discount selected specially for you. And with the Semi-Annual Membership, you’ll get two shipments each year of 12 bottles of wine at a 15% discount. Members of our Wine Club get some pretty amazing benefits, like:

  • Discounted event admission
  • Unlimited free wine tasting for you and two guests
  • Exclusive events like dinners, release parties, and barrel tasting
  • Access to rare, limited products
  • Discounts on all RoxyAnn merchandise

Why Choose Roxyann Winery?

There are a number of wineries in Oregon. So why go with Roxyann Winery? Well, with our 150 acres, we offer 17 different wines to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and preferences. We focus on creating wines that not only reach the desired individual vintage, but include our own unique signature craftsmanship. Each one of our wines offers a flavor that we are proud to share with our visitors. And we not only offer wine, but we host events too! So if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop that offers some of the best wine, events, and live music Medford Oregon has to offer, look no further.

So whether you’re looking to visit our tasting room, searching for a venue for your wedding, or are looking for a family-friendly environment to visit on the weekends, call us today to plan your visit.