Friday Night Wine & Indoor Music Series — December 15th — 6 pm to 8 pm

This Friday, please join us in the tasting room for The John Nilsen Christmas Concert.

John Nilsen was born in Seattle, Washington in 1956. The Nilsen family moved to Portland, Oregon in 1960. Nilsen began studying classical piano from his mother at age six. Continuing his musical education, he began playing guitar at age fourteen. John moved to Ashland, Oregon in 1974 to attend Southern Oregon College (Southern Oregon University). Nilsen graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and was honored by the institution in 1995 in recognition of his outstanding achievements and dedication in the field of the performing arts with the Distinguished Alumnus Award, the most prestigious award bestowed upon Southern Oregon University graduates.

Nilsen founded the Magic Wing recording label in 1987. The label has a catalog of fifteen successful titles, each with international distribution. Before founding Magic Wing, John recorded three successful solo piano records on LA’s, Eagle Records (1983-1985), has recorded 15 on his own Magic Wing label and has had fifteen other CDs licensed in countries including Germany, Great Britain, The Philippines, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore bringing reported total record sales to over one million copies sold. For nearly three decades John Nilsen has had two hundred compositions and musical arrangements receiving radio, TV royalties world-wide.

In 2013 John Nilsen released his 18th recording, WILD ROSE, and played 250 performances throughout the USA and Great Britain. A solo tour of Ireland is scheduled for fall, 2015. Sessions for the 19th Nilsen recording began in late fall, 2014.

Visit John Nilsen on Facebook | The food vendor will be Butcher & Baker

Wine Club Members can reserve a table in the tasting room. Minimum 4 people per table. Please call the Tasting Room at (541) 776-2315 to make a reservation.

Cover $5 Wine Club Members | $7 General Public

Mark your calendar for these upcoming performances:
• December 22nd — TC & The Reactions
• December 29th — The Rogue Suspects

Wednesday Evening Wine & Music Series — December 20th — 5:30 pm

Join us on December 20th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the tasting room for our very own Wednesday Evening Wine & Music Series featuring Seth Hansson.

Steen & Hallie from Butcher & Baker Catering will be serving some of the best food in the valley.

The 12 Days of Christmas — December 11th to 22nd

Mark your calendar for The 12 Days of Chrismas Holiday Promotion.  Every day from 12/11 to12/22, we will post a special offer online as well as send an email reminder.  Be sure to like our Facebook page and sign up for the email list.

DAY ONE — MONDAY, DECEMBER 11th — 12 noon to 7 pm
Buy a Christmas Wreath with your choice of two bottles of RoxyAnn wine and receive 25% OFF your purchase!

DAY TWO — TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12th — 12 noon to 7 pm
Buy a Gurgle Pot with your choice of two bottles of RoxyAnn wine and receive 25% OFF your purchase! Plus receive a FREE Gurgle Pot tree ornament while supplies last.

DAY THREE — WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13th — 12 noon to 7 pm
2013 RoxyAnn Claret Magnum with a logo wooden box. Valued at $95 for only $75. A perfect Christmas gift!

DAY FOUR — THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14th — 12 noon to 7 pm
Pay it forward. Purchase one bottle of RoxyAnn wine. Receive 50% off the second bottle.

DAY FIVE — FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15th — 11 am to 8 pm
Grab Bag! Choose a bag that has up to $100 worth of RoxyAnn wine, logo wear, merchandise and gift cards. Surprise yourself with your very own Christmas gift or for someone special!

DAY SIX — SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16th — 11 am to 7 pm
Buy a case of RoxyAnn wine and receive 25% off. Can be a mixed case of red and white wine.

DAY SEVEN — SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17th — 11 am to 7 pm
Purchase 2 bottles of 2012 Founder’s Reserve with a 4-pack of Port Sippers receive 25% off.

*While supplies last. We reserve the right to update and/or modify a promotion.

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The Rogue Powerpack Program

Brought to you by the Junior League of Jackson County, the Rogue Powerpack Program provides backpacks filled with nutritious, child-friendly food to selected elementary school children who are receiving free breakfast or lunch at school during the week, but are lacking adequate food at home over the weekend. Backpacks are filled every Friday to ensure they do not go hungry while away from school. Each backpack includes six meals and two snacks with additional meals added on Holiday weekends. Backpacks are returned and reused weekly.

Just $10 provides a hungry child a backpack filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for each day of the weekend. $250 will sponsor a child for a full year of the Rogue Powerpack Program. Visit the tasting room to make a donation.

Want to become a sponsor of The Rogue Powerpack Program? Click here for a Sponsorship Form and become involved today!

No Shave November Recap…Vote for Your Favs

This year our wonderful staff, as well as a few of our regular patrons, participated in ‘No-Shave November’ in order to grow cancer awareness and raise funds for cancer prevention! They were also part of a contest for the BEST BEARD and now that it’s already the middle of December, we need your help to pick a winner!!!

Today we’re selecting the winner from our regular patrons and tomorrow we’ll be choosing a winner from the staff- but in order to decide we need your opinion!

Vote for your choice of Best Beard by commenting the number (1,2,3, or 4) on this post and come back to our page tomorrow to vote for the staff winner! Cheers

Click here to cast your vote on Facebook

Featured Artist — December 2017

Dodie Hamilton Brandon is our featured artist this month. Stop by the tasting room to meet Dodie on Sunday, December 10th from 2 to 5 pm.  Enjoy LIVE music featuring Jeff Kloetzel from 3 to 5 pm.


My art is my life, and it has been since I was very young, scribbling away at drawings on every scrap of paper I could find. I had three sisters and among us there was sibling rivalry, translation: quarreling. I would draw the sisters who were on my side with curly hair, and those on the opposite side of the disagreement with straight hair. This would cause much emotional trauma to the unfortunate ones with straight hair!

Since then, I have fortunately found much more creative and positive ways to pursue my talent and interest in art, and this has been especially true since I moved to the Rogue Valley in Oregon in 1982 and discovered watercolor as a medium for painting. It flows and glows and is such a spontaneous way to paint that I became totally involved in it. The results may be bad, good or indifferent, but the process itself is, to me, totally magnificent.

Perhaps that is because I particularly enjoy painting the natural world and watercolor depends on natural forces to achieve its effects, like gravity, capillary action, evaporation and the effect of light. Whatever the reason, painting in watercolors is probably the most exciting thing I do.


Dodie is a native of the Midwest, born in Missouri with the actual name of Glendora (Dodie is a family nickname she has adopted as her “art” name). Growing up on a farm she was very much influenced by the verdant fields and flowers, the changing skies, and the other many evidences of nature around her.

She attended the Northwest Missouri State University, graduating with a degree in art and English, subjects she taught for many years in the California school system after her move there later. She enthusiastically attended many art courses and workshops, and during these years mainly worked in oils, acrylics, and pen and ink drawing.

Later, in 1982, she retired from teaching, her four children were gone from home, and she moved to Medford, Oregon, in the beautiful Rogue Valley, where she discovered a real fascination and talent for watercolor painting. Her work is noted for vibrant color and the fluid, sparkling quality of her medium. Her subjects range from realistic florals and landscapes to mixed media abstracts, but she is best known for her renditions of iris, her favorite flower.

She has had many exhibitions, won many awards, and received real recognition as an artist. She teaches adults in her studio/gallery and recently held two workshops in Mexico. She enjoys traveling extensively and still takes workshops with other well-known artists. (See her resumé online for lists of these activities.)


Winemaker’s Corner

Hidie Ho Friends and Neighbors, aka Roxy Regulars!

Time for another edition of the Winemakers Corner, otherwise known as ‘The Roxy Inquirer’ (because inquiring minds want to know!!).

We are now into this year’s Harvest (sometimes known as the Crush ((he’s not heavy, he’s my Brother!)). As of the writing of this (splendid) journal we have all of the white grapes in the Winery except for the Pinot Gris, along with a couple of the Red lots. So as the weeks go on if you see us in the tasting room with a ‘Hundred Mile Stare’, and a tasty beverage and you say something and only get a grunt in return you now know why!

Ok, the answer to the most asked questions this season…1) the smoke (hopefully) shouldn’t hurt the grapes, or give us smoke taint. But we won’t know for certain until we bring the fruit in and start the fermentations. It’s mostly a function of the density and timing of the smoke in the life cycle of the fruit. I’m pretty certain we missed the “bad” time when the smoke was the densest, but time will tell. 2) This rain should settle out whatever smoke is in the air, rinse the clusters a little, and settle the dust. If we go back to our normal weather pattern and have some sunny (not always warm) days between now and the start of October we should be just
fine. If not we will be working long hours to get the fruit in before the weather closes in completely.

With this being a shorter than desired growing season we have some hocus pocus we can pull in the Winery to improve the wines (Fred is using a yeast called “Alchemy” on the Sauvignon Blanc, just sayin!!)

Well, that’s all the schoolin you get for now, it’s back to the Crush Pad and Party On Garth!! (or Fred, or Ian, or Bob, or Chad, or whoever!)

We the People!

Insulated Wine Tote Now Available in the Tasting Room

It’s all about the glitz and glamour, darling! Stay fashionable and on trend with this gorgeous insulated aqua wine purse, designed to store your favorite boxed wine as well as your on the go essentials – from sunglasses to makeup to that page-turning beach read that everyone’s talking about. Simply stash the wine in the bottom compartment, compile your must-have accessories and hit the road!

  • Fits a 3L box/bladder comfortably
  • Pebbled, insulated faux leather
  • Includes Keyfab bottle opener keychain

Available in Aqua & Black (more colors arriving soon). Stop by the tasting room today.

RoxyAnn Vintage Wine Discovery

Whenever I shop, I always visit the wine section.  This past weekend I stopped in the Ruch Market.  To my surprise there were a selection of 2010 Sky Hill Red and 2011 Syrah.  We are currently sold out of those two vintages in the tasting room.  So, the next time you are en route to the Applegate stop by the Ruch Market and visit the wine section.

The Cottage at Hillcrest Orchard

This historic little cottage boasts an incredible location for wine tasting and gorgeous views. Located on the grounds of the 250 acre Hillcrest Orchard Estate and RoxyAnn Winery, The Cottage will not disappoint for your next getaway!

Enjoy a complimentary wine tasting or glass of wine at the RoxyAnn Tasting Room.


“This place is a rare find for all the right reasons! Easily one of the coolest Airbnbs that I’ve stayed at. I arrived on a Friday night just in time for the live band and food truck by the tasting room. Barbara provided all the information and made sure everything was taken care of during my short stay. Make sure you get there early to taste some wine (the Malbec was my favorite). The staff are super friendly and the room is filled with witty wine quotes. Will definitely stay here again next time! PS. do NOT leave this place without getting a few bottles of wine =).”

“Terry and Barbara’s cottage was great! We went after harvest and the grounds are still beautiful. The staff in the tasting room was super friendly and even helped explain some of the wines to novice drinkers. We will definitely book this place again for our next journey through the area. Tastefully remodeled and comfortable all around!”

Click here for rates and booking information

Claret Awarded GOLD Medal from Sunset Magazine

RoxyAnn Winery 2012 Claret was an award winner at Sunset Magazine’s 5th Annual International Wine Competition!

This year, Sunset had over 3,000 entries from the United States and around the world.  The judging, held at their new Cornerstone campus on April 25 and 26, was conducted by 50 of the most respected wine experts in the West, led by honorary chairs Joel Peterson, founder and winemaker, Ravenswood; and Sara Schneider, Sunset’s Wine Editor.

RoxyAnn Joins the Bear Creek Trail of Wineries!

One of the most popular wine tasting rooms in East Medford, RoxyAnn Winery is a hotspot for events throughout the entire year as well as a relaxing place to sip some of Southern Oregon’s best wines while enjoying the view of the vineyards along the slopes of RoxyAnn Peak.

Visitors to the Bear Creek Wine Trail will now get to stamp their passports at the historic Hillcrest barn at RoxyAnn Winery.

Please visit for more information

Southern Oregon — WineEnthusiast’s Top 10 Travel Destinations

We all know the story of Oregon wine no longer begins and ends with Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. Southern Oregon has be hailed by WineEnthusiast as one of “The 10 Best Travel Destinations” in the world!

Not listed in the article are three of my favorite Southern Oregon wine events; The Annual JPR Wine Tasting Event & AuctionA Taste of Ashland, and The Oregon Wine Experience.

By the way, if you are wondering who is toasting a glass of bubbles in the “Where to Dine” section, it is our very own Steven Addington. It was an incredible evening of amazing food and wine spent with Eric & Julie Weisinger and friends at The Loft in downtown Ashland.

Click here to read the full article

San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2016 Winners

From the San Francisco Chronicle, “Congratulations on your awards at the 2016 competition.  We are pleased to provide you with a list of your awards winners.”

2012 RoxyAnn Claret — Silver
2012 Honor Barn Red — Bronze
2013 Chardonnay — Silver
2014 Pinot Gris — Silver

Click here to read the full article

Southern Oregon Wines Love to Fly FREE!

Extended through 2017, the Oregon Wines Fly Free program allows Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members to check one case of wine at no cost on their return flight departing from one of four Oregon airports, as well as Walla Walla, Washington. As a bonus, inbound visitors can receive complimentary tastings at any participating winery by showing their Alaska Airlines boarding passes within a week of arrival.

Membership in Alaska Airlines’ award-winning Mileage Plan is free and customers can join at



Jack Day | CEO & Founder

Jack has a keen ability to connect the familial roots of this business with the future of where the wine industry is headed in Southern Oregon.  He has a sharp mind paired with a clever wit that makes him someone you easily want to be around.  He takes an invested interest in each and every one of his employees and goes above an beyond to pay attention to individual strengths that makes each person unique.